Fruits of Nature

Jasmine Room Diffuser 200ml (7fl.oz)


Product code: M3144

This sweet, exotic scented diffuser is blended with oil of patchouli, well-known for its natural healing properties, to transform your room into a fragrant haven of calm and well-being.

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Product detail

Diffusers are a wonderful and slightly more practical alternative to candles as you can leave them unattended. However, they still provide weeks of beautiful fragrance.

Vegan friendly, cruelty-free, shelf life 36 months.


An alluring fragrance of velvety rich jasmine blended with earthy patchouli.

How to use

Remove the cork and place the rattan sticks in the bottle, arranging them as desired. Capillary action in the reeds will absorb the fragrance and gently diffuse the aroma throughout your room. Turn the sticks occasionally to release more fragrance. Cautions: Flammable product. Keep away from delicate or varnished surfaces. Keep away from children and pets. not for use on the skin.


Isopropylidene Glycerol, Parfum (Perfume), Hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, Linalool, Isoeugenol, Benzyl Benzoate

Sustainability & Environmental

The bottle is made from 100% recyclable glass but it is very pretty so please try to re-use. It is presented in a box made from FSC approved card.