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Tidying up the Garden this Autumn ?


As we near the end of October the dark nights draw in.  Autumn winds scatter leaves and twigs all over the garden and the last of the summer blooms are desperately in need of a tidy up.

So, if you find yourself braving the chilly outdoors between the rain showers, don't forget to treat yourself when your hard work is done.

Although this cold weather means more layers of clothing, don't neglect your skin beneath. The cold weather can leave hands chapped, feet dry and bodies badly in need of moisture and nutrients but Fikkerts can help.

The Kitchen Garden Range is one of...

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Only two and a half weeks to go !


Yes, its that time again when retailers will be flocking to one of the UK's largest trade shows the Autumn Gift Fair at the NEC to select products to sell in their shops over the next twelve months.   Fikkerts will be there with all their product ranges, reminding retailers that buying British made goods makes sense.  And, with Fikkerts comes 100 years of experience and a commitment to quality.

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Mothers Day March 15th 2015

Mothers Day

Some may say it is over commercialised but I say, there are plenty of mums out there that are un sung heroes for the rest of the year so don't they deserve a little pampering once a year?

It doesn't have to be a huge expensive gift.  As a mum myself, just a small token to show you care goes along way to feel special. 

Take a look at our beautiful Royal Botanic Garden hand creams, three fragrances to suit mums, grans and aunties of any age.

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