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Made in Yorkshire, England

We are extremely proud to be one of the few remaining bath, body and home fragrance companies that still manufacture in England.  With so many brands now ‘designed’ or ‘created’  in England but actually produced abroad, it is sometimes difficult to understand the original origin or the carbon footprint of the products you are buying.

The good news, however, is that Fikkerts products are made by us in our own factory – in Yorkshire, England.  This is a huge advantage – because we have far more control over quality.  It also means of course, that we are able to create jobs for the lovely folk of Yorkshire.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the stunning moorlands of  ‘Bronte’ country, there is no doubt our beautiful surroundings inspire the lovely products we create.


Fikkerts are highly committed to reducing the impact we have on our environment.  Despite being established in the 1900s, we already compare favourably with other brands in terms of sustainability.  All our plastic, glass and aluminum bottles are recyclable. We use local suppliers for the bulk of our packaging and by making all our products on site, we seriously reduce our carbon footprint.

An honest company must always admit that it could do better.  We acknowledge this responsibility and constantly re-think processes to improve our quest for sustainability.

Please take a look at our latest range Fikkerts For Life to find out more.

Fikkerts For Life

Own Label

As a leading manufacturer, with over a hundred years of experience making natural toiletries, Fikkerts is well-placed to assist you in the development of your own brand. We can guide you through every step of the process, from design through to the finished product. Products are formulated on-site, in our own laboratory, by Fikkerts’ experienced chemists. We then test, manufacture, fill and package as per your requirements. All our services are completely confidential and we have many extremely satisfied clients working with us in this way.

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Made in Yorkshire,
Not Tested on
Paraben &
SLS Free
Naturally Derived
Sustainable Palm

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